May 23, 2016
“I have no doubt that WAGS: Miami will deliver and I’m really hoping to maybe recognize a few of the guys this time around. It’ll certainly help that Miami is a ridiculous place.” Read full article here:
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“Lemonis said he’s invested more than $38 million of his own money in businesses auditioned on The Profit so far, but now needs to delegate some of their day-to-day care. To do so, he’ll audition manager trainees on the new series. The idea came from conversations with Amber Mazzola, executive producer of The Profit, and...
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Marcus Lemonis featured in Entertainment Weekly. “I’m really not a great businessperson,” Lemonis tells EW. “I understand business and I understand numbers, but I think what I understand more than that is people. … Ultimately, I think businesses fail and people fail because they don’t have their act together.” See full article here:
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